The Story of Cushion Cosmetics

intro:our philosophy

For 70 years, AMOREPACIFIC has used Asian wisdom and ingredients to capture nature’s vitality in the quest for Asian Beauty: the pursuit of harmony of inner and outer beauty for women around the world. Our innovations aren’t just about improving technology - we strive to create new and beneficial beauty experiences just for you.

how it all began

In 2006, our researchers were looking for ways to make sun creams more convenient to use. Suddenly, a new member asked: “Do we have to put sun screen in a tube?” She had an idea to put liquid ingredients into a compact. But it sounded impossible!

“Do we have to put sun screen in a tube?”

the cushion solution

One day, a senior researcher was getting a parking stamp - and had a revelation. The ink spread evenly when stamped, and did not leave the ink pad cushion. From there he hit upon the idea of a cushion-like liquid-filled sponge in a simple compact form. That day, the history of Cushion Cosmetics began.

from liquid to solid

The next step was to find the right material that would hold the right amount of sun cream without overflowing. Many cosmetic materials were tested, but none were suitable. This time, someone asked: “Why not try looking at non-cosmetic materials?”

A Brand-New Material

Our researchers went from doll makers to mattress factories, looking for something that they could use to design the new cushion. Finally, they found a polyurethane foam that had never been used in cosmetics before. It held in the liquid without letting it flow out! AMOREPACIFIC had finally found the right sponge for the Cushion.

Overcoming Two Hands

After that came the container design. It had to maintain the stamp form, and it had to be airtight so the contents did not evaporate. Twist-open containers were airtight, but they separated into two pieces. This made it difficult to use the Cushion outside the home. “It needs to move less, so it’s more simple and convenient!” our researchers declared. We designed an airtight, all-in-one compact with an attached top that was easy to use for all customers. It was an entirely new cosmetics container, just for the Cushion.

handmade cushion cosmetics?

Just as AMOREPACIFIC was heading for production, a crisis struck. Factories were not yet equipped to automatically produce this new form of cosmetics. But our researchers didn't give up. They started making prototypes themselves, weighing out exactly 15 grams of formula, filling the sponges, and assembling Cushions all by hand. In the end, their efforts paid off! Consumers tested our products and wanted more. We were able to invest in new facilities for 100% automation. The first Cushion made this way in March 2008 was called AIR CUSHION Sunblock (now known as AIR CUSHION® XP). Today, about 95 million Cushions are produced this way in a year.

beyond sun cream

Our next task was to educate Korean customers on the use and benefits of the Cushion. Our marketing team strategically chose TV home shopping to show the Cushion's benefits on real faces. It worked well, but after summer, sales of the sun cream plummeted. Our Cushion team listened to what consumers had to say. They wanted the Cushion's natural, lightweight makeup finish in their foundation products all year long!
Thus our Cushion was reborn as Cushion Foundation, evolving into a multi-functional product. Sales rocketed, even surpassing retinol, which was the best-selling product on TV home shopping at the time. This customer-friendly move led to exponential growth for the Cushion, and the beginning of a new beauty category.

2010 Approx.
0.5 mil units

2011 Approx.
1.7 mil units

2012 Approx.
6 mil units

2013 Approx.
12.6 mil units

2014 Approx.
26.7 mil units

A Cushion For You and Me

The Cushion was a big hit among women in their 20s who wanted natural looking makeup. But women in their 40s and 50s desired more coverage. Our researchers recognised the endless potential of Cushion Cosmetics and created formulas with more benefits, including moisturisation, anti-wrinkle and pore control. In this way we pioneered Cushion Cosmetics to fit various consumers.
The results of this evolution? One Cushion was sold every second in 2015. Approximately 80 million Cushions have been sold to date and up to 81% of Cushion users buy them again. From a small, innovative idea, Cushion Cosmetics now add convenience and beauty to women's lives around the world.

The Journey Continues

The innovation of Cushion Cosmetics was made possible by hard work, teamwork, and unmatched technology. AMOREPACIFIC was the first to build the Cushion category and has led the pack ever since with constant evolution to bring everyone a new beauty experience. It’s all part of our journey toward the grand goal of becoming the Asian Beauty Creator.

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